Get Involved.

Our hope is that Healthcare Sparks will expand and that we will be able to provide scholarships for students in the future. Hosting an annual Healthcare Sparks bash in different cities would also be a great way for community engagement. Working with the current group of students has made it clear the importance of this program, and the impact it has on the students. They enjoy working with healthcare professionals who look like them and can relate to their stories. 


The aim is to have various health professionals interact with the students, so they recognize the avenues available to them. This includes medicine, nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, technicians, dentist, occupational therapy, behavioral health, and more. The booklet and the videos are being created in a way that allows volunteers from any specialty to get involved.  


E-books will be available for download for those interested, and videos are available via Healthcare Sparks YouTube channel. Check out our resources page to see what is available now!